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February 05, 2018

Refresh Those Resolutions!

As your New Year resolutions are still (hopefully) going strong, we’re making the case to up the ante and shake things up. It’s a simple as a new cut and color, or even giving your achy muscles the TLC it deserves. Read on to find out how we can help . . .

January 16, 2018

Five Hacks to Protect Your Skin This Winter

We can’t deny it: winter weather can do some serious damage to our skin. With heaters blasting all day long and chilly winds that just won’t quit, a few changes need to be made in our routines when the temperatures drop. To keep you protected, we’ve compiled a list of . . .

September 28, 2017

Thinning Hair Solutions You Need to Know about

A sad but true fact, most women will experience thinning locks as they age. There are many reasons for this: heredity, health issues, diet or simply the normal aging process. While thick hair screams youth, thinning hair can look stringy and unhealthy. The good news…you don’t have to dream . . .

August 28, 2017

Skincare Tips For a Fresh Face and a New School Year

School is back in session. With the added weight of homework, exams and extracurricular activities, oftentimes the inevitable stress can show on the face—especially in teenagers. Thankfully, breakouts can be avoided with a little preparation and the healing power of botanicals.  . . .

July 20, 2017

Summer Color Trends

Summer is a great time to re-invent yourself and try out some of the more daring trends—after all, everyone seems to be more relaxed and open to new experiences during this time of the year. If you’re thinking about changing up your look, here are a few great places to . . .