A Touch of Color

Natural ingredients don’t have to mean natural colors. Aveda’s new Full Spectrum Vibrants is 95% naturally-derived color that lasts 15 washes. With colors like blue, teal, violet, pink and fuchsia to name a few, any color you could ask for is within reach.

There’s lots of different ways to wear these colors, too.

When we said vibrant, we meant it. This pink is not messing around! The color drenches from scalp to tip and this pink draws the eyes to every inch.

Full coverage colors like the one on the left is a bold way to make a statement, while the fuchsia highlights on the right are a fun way too integrate fun colors while letting your root color share the spotlight.

This look isn’t for the faint of heart. Featuring not just one but two of the new colors, this combination is sure to grab some attention. If you prefer night skies over sunsets, combine teals, purples and blues instead.

These colors are perfect for anyone looking to make a bright, bold change. And since they come out in just 15 washes, there’s no fear of commitment necessary. Try out a few shades until you find the one that fits your personality and get ready to start turning heads.

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