Contactless checkouts, consultations and more with Pocket Salon app

Source: SalonBiz software

As the world reopens after COVID-19 with new restrictions on interactions and distance, our new app has become more important and beneficial than ever. The Salon Pocket app allows you to check yourself in and out for appointments, text your stylist questions, buy products anytime, calculate tipping percentages and more, all from your phone (safely, from a distance).

It’s easy to get started. Just download the Pocket Salon app to your smartphone or device. Visited the salon before? Enter your email address, and you can see products you’ve previously bought and services you’ve had as well as product recommendations. You can rebook a prior appointment in the app itself by looking at your stylist’s availability, instead of calling the salon.

Read on to see why we’re obsessed.


Instead of waiting in a line to check-in for your appointment and wondering if the person behind you is really six feet away, this app lets you bypass the front desk entirely to check-in virtually. When you check-in through the app, your stylist will receive an alert that you’re ready for your service.

When you’re done, skip the lines and people (again) by checking yourself out through the app. The extra time and peace of mind is priceless.


When you need to restock on your favorite products, skip the retail section and simply open the app to order more. Or while you’re in the chair, you can look through the products your stylist uses, add a product to your cart and grab them on your way out.

Recommended products are also suggested when you book, so you can ask to set those aside for the appointment.


Calculating the tip on the spot can be frustrating. But when you checkout through the app, suggested gratuity levels are pre-calculated for you. So you don’t have to feel rushed or awkward while you fumble with quick math. (We know it’s not just us.)

Are you ready to start your VIP, contactless experience? Download the Pocket Salon app here.

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