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August 28, 2017

Skincare Tips For a Fresh Face and a New School Year

Source: Aveda


School is back in session. With the added weight of homework, exams and extracurricular activities, oftentimes the inevitable stress can show on the face—especially in teens. Thankfully, breakouts can be avoided with a little preparation and the healing power of botanicals.

We’re here to help. Our facials (recommended for those aged 12-17) include a steam, extraction, cooling masque and personalized treatment and lymphatic massage, all of which help de-clog pores, resulting in a smooth, fresh face. Not only do facials help to prevent breakouts, they also help to treat them.

The struggle is real, but there are several things you can do to take precaution at home. First, always remove your makeup before any sort of physical activity. If you’re uncomfortable bearing it all, apply a small amount of Aveda’s tinted moisturizer—this will help camouflage your breakouts without clogging your pores.

Next, always be sure to wash your skin and face in the morning and evening. Our personal favorite cleanser is Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant—it’s known to give some pretty stellar results. Our second recommendation would be Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads. These little miracles cleanse, exfoliate and unclog pores. The non-abrasive liquid wipes away dead surface cells, revealing a cleaner complexion.

Our top rule for dealing with acne—and probably the hardest to abide by—is to leave it alone. Messing with pimples can cause extreme damage, including scarring and unsightly, longer-lasting pimples. If you can, steer clear of picking.

If you must pick, do so right after a hot shower with cotton swabs. The steam from the hot shower will help to loosen the oil and dirt. If the pimple is ready for extraction, you’ll notice a white or black head; gently place the cotton swabs on either side and roll inward. Do not press down or squeeze. Light pressure should “release it” ” and if it doesn’t pop, it’s not ready! Another no-no? Using your nails—they are a bacterial feeding ground.

While you can certainly follow all the rules and still suffer from outbreaks, regular facials will help to strengthen your defenses. Visit us at Parham, Midlothian and Franklin Road for our back-to-school specials. Through October, purchase a package of four for just $199. Or, select a 45-minute service for $75. Book now.