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Designer Stylist at Midlothian

family for 16 Years

I’m Reliable, Spiritual, Imaginative

My Sign: Sagittarius

When I was 5: I was pretty sure I’d be a model when I grew up

Not at work? You’ll find me at home working in my garden, painting or shopping for that newest look

Favorite Hair Hack: Second day hair with Aveda Shampowder™ Dry Shampoo

Can’t Live Without: Aveda Shampowder™ Dry Shampoo

Best Kept Secret: Volumizing Tonic™

Top Splurge: Ultraceuticals UltraC23+ Firming Creme

Cut Specialties: Layered Cuts, Wavy Cuts, Shag Haircut

Styling Specialties: Romantic Updos, French Twists, Waves

Color Specialties: Blondes, Sun-kissed color, Balayage, BB, Vomor, kid’s, men’s, balayage

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