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March 05, 2018

The Two Aveda Launches We’re Obsessed With

If you’ve put off your regular trim by a few weeks (it’s okay, we don’t judge!), you might have missed out on two recent Aveda launches—and truth be told, we’re completely obsessed. Ahead, you’ll learn what’s been the buzz in our salon (and why you should totally book online soon to learn all about it).



Source: Aveda

While we’re already smitten with Aveda’s gentle, conditioning color formulas, the new Demi+ launch has us completely in love. The demi-permanent and fully customizable line is your new go-to for those looking to cover greys, try a playful hue or go darker with minimal maintenance. The best part? Demi+ has a processing time of only 5-20 minutes, making this the best lunch break errand you’ve ever had to leave the office for.

As a demi-permanent color line, you’ll see changes in the tonal hue of your hair for about 24 washes. (Meaning, the less often you shampoo, the longer it lasts.) It’s an effortless and easy way to approach the world of hair color—or make a change—without the commitment.


There’s a lot of things you can do in 8 hours—and with Aveda’s new Feed My Lips line, reapplying your lip color isn’t one of them. Created with certified organic cupuaçu fruit butter and a blend of natural seed oils, Feed My Lips does more than just complete your look—it keeps your lips soft and smooth for whatever comes your way. In 23 shades to harmonize with your hair color, we can’t wait for you to stop in and play makeup with us.

For all the details on the new launches, give us a call or stop in any of our Richmond or Roanoke area locations.