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January 09, 2019

2 Things You Need to Transform Your Hair This Year

You’ve got goals this year. You’re going to stay hydrated, try new things, break old habits and focus on yourself! That means committing to the things that are good for you, that will serve you and produce positive results. We’re here to help start your year off right—at least with your hair. Right now, if you purchase two litre-size Aveda products, you will receive a FREE Aveda paddle brush ($28 value).


When re-upping your stock of your favorite Aveda hair products, it might be default to reach for the normal size bottle on the shelf, but here’s why litres are better. The biggest advantage as a consumer is that purchasing in litres saves you 20% per ounce, so you’re paying less for the product you already know you love. Not to mention, choosing and using the specific Aveda line that is right for your hair over a longer period of time is going to produce the results you want to see. Aveda has over a dozen types of litres that target everything from curly hair to color-treated hair, dry/damaged hair and more. And you’re even doing something for the earth, because you’re using 28% less plastic.

Environmentally-friendly, financially savvy, and a overall wise decision for your tresses—what’s not to love?



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Now that you’ve got the perfect litre set that targets your specific needs, you need a great brush to help keep your hair healthy and looking lush. The Aveda wooden paddle brush is designed with extended bristles for easy detangling, reducing stress to the hair and scalp during blow drying and styling. It also has ventilation holes at the middle/bottom that provide ventilation, and drainage while preventing any bacterial growth that could occur with pooling inside the brush. Our clients say it’s the best brush they ever invested in, and we agree.

Happy New Year! May your hair shine as bright as YOU!